General Terms & Conditions of the Sport Kostenzer KG

  1. By reserving winter sports equipment through our website and our branches you are agreeing to our General Terms and Conditions, which are set out in the following.

  2. Adverse weather or other obstructions do not release the lessee from payment of the rental price.

  3. It's forbidden to pass the rental equipment on to third parties!

  4. The lessee is fully responsible for the rental item.

  5. If the material is damaged during normal use, the lessee shall not be invoiced the cost of the material. If equipment is stolen, the police must be notified and the following deductibles shall apply:
    a) Excellence Platinum € 350.--
    b) Performance Gold € 250.--
    c) Evolution Silver € 150.--
    d) Poles € 20.--
    The fair value of all other rental equipment must be compensated!
    These deductibles apply only if the police have been notified; otherwise the fair value must be paid!

  6. The material is not insured against theft (for an extra payment of 10% of the rental charge it is possible to reserve a theft cover surcharge). In this case, if the equipment is lost, the insured person does not have to pay compensation!

    6.1. Conditions theft cover surcharge:
    a) If rented equipment is stolen, the theft must be immediately reported to the police authority competent for the place where the theft occurred!
    b) If the theft is not reported to the local police, the cover for theft does not apply!
    c) Cover applies only after payment in full of the theft cover surcharge!
    d) The theft cover surcharge is valid from the start of the rental period for the term of the rental contract and applies to all rental items rented by the lessee from the firm of Sport Kostenzer KG.
    e) The theft cover surcharge is related to one person and cannot be assigned to third persons.
    f) In the event of theft from secure rooms, (ski basement), the cover from this theft cover surcharge ceases to apply.

  7. In the event of loss of the rental item the lessee shall be held responsible and invoiced the market value of the rental item.

  8. In the event of any theft or loss of the rental item the customer must report the theft or loss to the local police authority.

  9. In case of damage of the rental item through improper use, the repair costs based on the current price list will be charged.

  10. Exchanging the rental item for an item of the same value is possible at any time during the course of the rental period. Exchanging the rental items for an item of a higher category is possible for a surcharge. No refund for exchanging rental items for an item of a lower category.

  11. Rental reservations taken after 2 pm, will be charged starting from the following calendar day. The rental fee has to be paid in advance up to the day of restitution. The latest return date is by 10 am on the day following the end of the rental period.

  12. A rental contract can only be signed by presenting a passport or ID card.

  13. In the event that the rented material, for any reason whatsoever, is not returned to the rental shop on the agreed date, the lessor shall automatically report the theft of the item by the lessee on the 7th day, on which return is overdue.

  14. Refunds are made solely on grounds of illness and /or accident, on submission of a doctor's certificate. The following regulations apply:
    a) immediate return of the rental equipment;
    b) no invoicing of the rental price with effect from the date of issue of the doctor's certificate;
    c) voucher or refund of money with effect from the date of issue of the doctor's certificate of the remainder of the rental days already paid.

  15. If no doctor's certificate is submitted in the case of injury or illness, the full rental price shall be invoiced!

  16. A regular rental contract is required for the mounting, repair and installation of a ski binding. By signing this document you declare that you agree to the professional setting of the binding in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and accept the regulations and the conditions of hire.

  17. Cancellation policy:
    The customer has a revocation of 7 calendar days with effect from confirmation of booking. If this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or on a work-free day, the period is extended until the next working day. However, the revocation right cannot be exercised with the agreement of the customer after the start of the loan of equipment prior to the expiry of the 7 calendar days.

  18. Right of revocation:
    In the event that the right of revocation is exercised within the 7 calendar days, the amounts paid by the customer shall be refunded to the customer, subject to deduction of a processing fee of 10% of the total amount. The cost shall be refunded by the same method used for payment.

  19. Cancellation prior to acceptance of the material and after expiry of the revocation period
    The rental prices shall be refunded for cancellations prior to the start of the rental period, subject to the deduction of 10 % cancellation fees. The cost shall be refunded by the same method used for payment.

  20. Cancellation subsequent to acceptance of the material
    In the event of illness or an accident, which occurs within the rental period, the rental conditions remain valid. Only the material of the directly affected person may be returned and consequently the days absolutely used are calculated (on submission of a doctor's certificate and return of the rental items).

  21. Cancellation by reason of weather conditions
    In the event that the skiing area, which would normally be available from the date of rental of the material, is completely closed and only in this case the rental dates affected shall be refunded on proof of a declaration by the lift operator. In this case the cost will be refunded by the method used for payment.

  22. Personal data
    Sport Kostenzer KG processes the customer's personal data for a specific purpose and pursuant to the statutory provisions. The personal details provided on ordering are used to fulfil and process the order. We treat these data in confidence and do not transfer them to third parties, unless they are involved in the ordering, delivery and payment procedures.

  23. With respect to the Data Protection Amendment Act 2018 the Federal Law Gazette I No.120/2017 the lessee authorises the business offering objects for hire to use his personal data for statistical purposes and to keep him informed of market innovations.

We request that the guest handles the material appropriately! We thank you for your confidence in us and wish you a pleasant stay and much pleasure from the rented items!